What eats sea urchins?

Sea Urchin (Diadematidae) (20 cm)

Image by CybersamX via Flickr

The spines of the sea urchins are there for protection but that doesn’t stop the sea urchin from having enemies. 

For instance, sea gulls love to grab them at low tide at pick away at them high upon the rocks. Crabs have a feast with the urchins by picking away at their spine to get to the inside flesh. Also, urchins that are found along the ocean floor are preyed upon by rays, sharks, seals, and even otters.

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  1. Thanks a lot for your great information. I am in the virgin islands and it seems that the sea urchins are over populating here

  2. funny girl says:

    thank u this is helpful

  3. Janet Gibson says:

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