Break it down. It’s hammertime … (doooo doo doo dut .. doo dut ..doo dut.)

The hammerhead shark has evolved the interesting looking skull cap to accommodate its extra collection electrosensory organs. All sharks do have these electrosensory organs, but, the hammerhead has a bit more than the average shark species. hammerheadThe electrosensory organ are useful for traveling far distances in the open ocean. It is like a internal GPS system.  (I am not sure if it comes with a funny British accent like the one in my uncle’s car though.)

Also, another reason that the hammerhead may have evolved that shaped head is because it loves to eat squid. That head will surely be able to tangle up those tentacles lurking around the corners.

Again, Happy Shark Week!

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  1. hottie girl says:

    i made a hammerhead shark for my school project it was just 2ft shorter than the life size one best project ever

  2. im doing a projuct on these sharks and id like to know more
    do u know any other websites?
    from so hot

  3. yhhhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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