Shadowbox of seashore treasures

Today I am very excited to share with you an image created by one of my favorite photographers, Bekki Rich. She is based in Stone Harbor, N.J. (Cape May County) and enjoys “”Taking photos when the opportunity arises”. Many of her photographs feature playful patterns found along the coastline, as well as showcase her unique perspective of maritime mementos. The image below is one I was particularly drawn to because it encapsulates how Bekki collects and cherishes ocean muses wherever possible. For instance, in a cubbyhole in the shadowbox below (not in the shot) she tore a tiny piece of cardboard off a random soapbox because it had a poem she found inspiring. The poem reads:

“A childhood stroll along the beach,

The early-morning waves wash objects

Filled with history onto the sand.

Memory retains the morning light bathed in the air of the open seas

An immense calm descends”.

Author Unknown

Check out more of Bekki’s work here. I’ve also added her to my “Design | Beach Meditation” Pinterest board.


  1. Thank you Ann!! I’m so glad to share my photography with others and show them how I see things. I must say that most of the work is done by mother nature, I just get to capture it.

  2. I love this!!!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation – I’m following Bekki now on Instagram!

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