You’ll love what the Beach Chair Scientist can bring to your classroom or neighborhood event!

SEA STORIES: Great for library or small business story time these preschool programs bring the ocean to life with music, crafts, some special ocean artifacts, and lots of sea stories! Half-hour to hour-long programs are available focuses on themes such as Earth Day is Every Day, Our Ocean Senses, Our Vast Ocean (counting), Mysterious Creatures, the Where Does Our Water Go? (water cycle), and Ocean Neighborhoods (animal homes).

YOU & YOUR WATERSHED: Perfect for elementary, middle school, high school, or adults, we’ll share entertaining nuggets of marine science knowledge – without diluting the science. Programs revolve around the idea that to protect the ocean we must first understand the ocean and how our community relates to the ecosystem. There is a 4-step approach taken with each outreach program:

  1. An interactive demonstration on “What is a watershed?” followed by a briefing on some on the more distinctive characteristics of your watershed;
  2. A presentation focused on the ocean ecosystem, including fun trivia and sharing of hands-on artifacts;
  3. An assessment game of how you and your community are connected to the ocean ecosystem; and finally a
  4. Wrap-up with ways for conserving water (including a raffle giveaway).

This holistic concept can be altered to include any specific objectives you would like to focus on for your classroom, camp, or community association. The program always culminates with a presentation of the blue marble! Each participant will also receive a copy of “10 Beachcombing Adventures: A guide for investigating the Atlantic coast shoreline”.

If you are interested or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact


  1. Hi! My name is Nancy and I am the Director of the Bethany Beach Nature Center in Bethany Beach Delaware. I am very interested in having Beach Chair Scientist do an Outreach Program here. Would love to hear back from you to make this possible!

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