On-the-go Exploring Pouch

It’s very important to me that parents feel empowered to spend time outside in nature with their kids. Not only is it good for kids but it’s good for parents as well. Here are six reasons why:

  • Nature improves our value on community and families (Louv).
  • Nature brings our sense alive (Louv).
  • Mood and self-esteem are increased with exercise outside (Mercola).
  • Winter depression, even on cold days, is helped by spending time outside (Mercola).
  • Kids that spend in nature perform better in reading, mathematics, science and social studies (Monbiot).
  • Getting children out of the classroom raises “standards, motivation, personal development and behaviour.” (Monbiot)

Let’s be honest though … it’s just not that easy sometimes. To help I usually keep some inspiration in the car or my ever growing bag to spark some curiosity. I call it the “on-the-go exploring pouch.” You’ll be surprised how captivating a magnifying glass or set of mirrors can be to kids! Once you hand over some equipment and let them lead an investigate you’ll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Bonus: Activity Cards with the On-the-go Exploring Pouch (Sample above; purchase product for six new cards!)

These 5.5 x 3.5 inch drawstring bags include:

  • two mirrors,
  • twig pencil,
  • magnifying glass,
  • four pieces of nature print paper (w/ instructions), and a
  • book mark.

While you probably have these items already around your house what is extra special this year is the addition of six activity cards. This unique bonus will come to your inbox every other month to reinvigorate you to help get the kids thinking about investigating nature. Each activity card is a different theme with a featured citizen science app, inspiration for ideas on simple art projects, scavenger hunts or other games, and conversation topics.

Only $10.00 each/$15.00 for two (Sorry, only PayPal accepted but shipping is included in the price!). Email Ann at ann@beachchairscientist.com for additional questions or to purchase please complete this form.

Each pouch is small enough to fit on your key chain and comes with a bonus subscription of activity cards straight to your inbox every other month!

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