Where do fish sleep?

Well, most fish are just like us and simply want to find a place away from all the chaos of the day to day rat race to take a nap and rest – slowing down their busy lives – gaining energy for the next day.

These places could be under logs, coral crevices, or other sorts of reefs spots – basically out of the way of predators.

Here is an interesting adaptation – the parrotfish uses its spit to create a translucent “sleeping bag bubble” around its body while it sleeps. The bubble helps to hide the parrotfish’s scent so other fish will not find it. If another animal bumps into it – the parrotfish will be warned of the other animal nearby and make a quick get away. Parrotfish are found on the coral reef.

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  1. Phoebe Emery says:

    i love fish me.

  2. Phoebe Emery says:

    I believe fish are the new spirits of the world, and should rule the ocean. The place that fish live should be under good conditioned coral i think. I am currently studying fish at my college and how they work, and I hope to be an aquarium manager or full time fisherman. GO FISH!! xx

    From Phoebe x

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