Connecting to my watershed – Part I

I rarely preach on this blog. But, I just watched a documentary called “No Impact Man” where the writer, Colin, and his family decide to reduce their impact on the environment. He wanted to reduce to nothing. They even went for 6 months without any electricity in their 5th Avenue apartment. I was skeptical. He did a good job of reducing to none. He even mentioned the affective connection that happens when contributing to nature. Therefore, he was contributing to the black. Not just trying to reduce the red.

Needless to say, I was inspired. There is no way I could live without air conditioning or a stove. But, there are changes I could make to try and reduce the impact of pollution on my local watershed. Now, we already recycle, compost, take public transportation, joined a CSA to eat local, carry around water bottles, carry cloth bags to the grocery store and re-use the random accumulated plastic bags.

So, how can we take it one step farther? Well, the No Impact Man inspired us to … get this … make our own cleaning products! It seems simple. And we can reuse some materials from being recycled.

This website, Earth Easy, is the best one I found to learn on how tackle this new challenge. I will keep you updated on how everything works.

Why do I think this is important? Well, as the Beach Chair Scientist I am extremely concerned with anything that goes down the sink drain, runs through the shower drain, goes through the washing machine or is put on the lawn and then runs off to the nearest drain. All of these materials will end up in the ocean. It is true. That is how a watershed works.

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