Beach Chair Scientist’s Top Ten Posts

Now that we have posted 200 entertaining posts of random beach trivia we thought it would be fun to review the most visited posts to see what our audience enjoys reading from us. So during this holiday season let’s make a toast to the top ten most read entries.

Thanks for reading all the posts from BCS and let us know if you have a questions while digging your toes in the sand!

What about blob (fish)?

The First Beach Chair Scientist post is about my favorite animal – The Atlantic Horseshoe Crab

Break it down. It’s hammertime … (doooo doo doo dut .. doo dut ..doo dut.)

10 facts about manatees

What do you mako this?

How much salt is in the ocean?

What eats sea urchins?

Do lobsters mate for life?

Swiped bass

Who is afraid of Atlantic wolf (fish)?

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