May is National Wetlands Month


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In 1991 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared May to be National Wetlands Month. They set aside the day to celebrate the economic and ecological value of wetlands and educate America of the natural resource. Throughout the country events take place to encourage you to learn more about wetlands and take action to restore them. Whether your neighborhood wetland is a swamp, bog or tidal marsh these areas are vital filtration and storage areas, as well as, nursery grounds to continue biological productivity in our local watersheds and beyond. Unfortunately these areas are threatened and their biggest enemy is mankind. According to the EPA, “Urban and rural development is now the leading cause of wetland loss, accounting for nearly 60% of freshwater wetland loss nationally.” Good news though is that on April 27, 2011 Lisa Jackson (Administrator of the EPA) work with others to get the Obama administration recommitted to recognizing the importance of clean water and healthy watersheds.

Surf Your Watershed is a great place to find out if there is a local organization dedicated to protecting your local wetland.

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