Who are the deepest divers in the sea?

After gathering data from marinebio.net, the University of California – San Diego, National Science Foundation, Softpedia, and Scientific American the folks from LiveScience.com have presented this amazing graphic of the 8 deepest divers in the sea. As a bonus, it explains how penguins manage to pull off diving to a depth greater than the height of the Empire State Building! (P.S. If anyone knows where I can find a mentor who can teach me how to create these beautiful infographics please let me know.)

8. Emperor penguin – 1,500 feet deep

7. Weddell seal – 1,970 feet deep

6. Blaineville beaked whale – 4,100 feet deep

5. Leatherback sea turtle – 4,200 feet deep

4. Elephant seal – 5,000 feet deep

3. Southern elephant seal – 5,300 feet deep

2. Cuvier’s beaked whale – 6,200 feet deep

1. Sperm Whales – 6,500 feet deep

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