Book Review: The Great Snail Race by Don Jordan

Kids ages 3-7 and parents looking for fun, original read-aloud picture books will relish The Great Snail Race, an engaging story about a little snail who could.

The little snail leads a comfortable sea life on Latimer Bay right in front of boy Luca’s house; but his kind are known as some of the slowest creatures in the Bay. Snappy is not happy about this label, because in fact he’s one of the fastest snails in the world. How to emphasize this fact? By organizing a race! 

But just because he’s the swiftest doesn’t mean he’s a shoe-in for the lead: when an impossible obstacle seems to prevent his success, Snappy must become fastest at problem-solving, as well. 

Gorgeous color drawings by Juliana Haubrich capture the zippy little snail and the sea life around him.

Adult read-aloud parents will find this an engaging story holding some 41 pages of detail on the snail’s sea world and his determination to live up to his reputation.

(Thanks to Diane Donovan for contributing this guest post. I always love to hear from people in other parts of the world.)

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