How is it I can find some species of fish in fresh and saltwater?

The striped bass is the main piscivore of the LSZ

Striped bass

Some species of fish can regulate their salt tolerance easier than others. For instance, many of the species that call the estuary a nursery or breeding ground can adapt to a wide range of salinity (less than 30 ppt). These animals (or plants) are known as euryhaline. Other animals that cannot tolerate a wide range of salinity are known as stenohaline. Some euryhaline species include striped bass, mummuichug, puffer, shad, herring, and sturgeon.


  1. This is a terrific topic. Most people do not realize how vital our estuaries are to our ecosystems. We had a speaker, Fred Akers, at Just-Sailing who focused on anadromous and catdromous fish using both fresh and salt water to complete their life cycle.

  2. I’ve caught stripers pretty darn far up the CT River. The sea run brown trout come into a river here in the spring, too. Life is amazing.

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