Answers to “So you think you know famous ocean explorers …”

Thanks to all that played along! Here are the answers to the Cousteau vs. Earle trivia I threw out there yesterday.

  1. Who said, “A lot of people attack the sea, I make love to it”? Cousteau
  2. Who founded Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER), now DOER Marine Operations, to design, operate, support and consult on manned and robotic sub-sea systems? Earle
  3. Who began a worldwide petition campaign in 1990 to save Antarctica from mineral exploitation? Cousteau
  4. Whose birthday is August 30th? Earle
  5. Who led more than 50 expeditions worldwide totaling over 6,000 hours underwater? Earle
  6. Who was integral in the development of the ocean conservation program, Mission Blue? Earle
  7. Who, after a near fatal car crash, could not pursue initial dream of being a pilot? Cousteau
  8. Who said, “I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore the health and, in so doing, secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us”? Earle
  9. Who said, “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans”? Cousteau
  10. Who has over 125 scientific and popular publications? Earle
  11. Who was named TIME magazine’s first ‘Hero for the Planet’? Earle
  12. Who received the Presidential Medal of Honor and the United Nations International Environmental Prize? Cousteau
  13. Who discovered undersea dunes off the Bahama Islands? Earle
  14. Who was honored by John Denver with a song titled, Calypso? Cousteau
  15. Who said, “With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live”? Earle
  16. Whose birthday is June 11th? Cousteau
  17. Who stated in an interview that they favored human population control? Cousteau
  18. Who said, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”? Cousteau

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