More on marine debris …

I suppose this post is inspired by my frequent visits to populated beaches and the marine debris I’ve been collecting with the help of anyone that asks what I am doing. I hate scare tactics, but pictures make a big impact when it comes to what happens with what we leave behind on the beach. The effects are long lasting and unfortunately out of sight. This is just a little reminder that I hope you share.


  1. Beach trash is a grim reality. Even individual fishermen, who should know better, are careless (or worse, deliberate). Picked up a beach-casting souvenir of several feet of nylon line with a team of 6 rusty size 1 hooks yesterday – from where our small granddaughter and a friend were looking for shells by the shoreline…

  2. Dylan Sequoia says:

    I agree that it is a ridiculous reality that people treat thee environment as their trash can. That is why for my 3 month birthday I participated in my first beach clean up.

    -Dylan Sequoia, West Palm Beach FL

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