Snapple real fact #800: Most lipstick contains fish scales

Yes, that is correct. Not a surprising real fact once you realize the shiny fish scales are used to create that pearl essence look.

The scales are taken as a by product from a relatively large scale commercial fish processing industry of herring. Herring are one of the most abundant and most important fish groups in the world. Herring are not only important to the food web in the ocean but also to the health of many coastal communities. You can get a glimpse of a family fishing for herring in Alaska on the TLC show, “Hook, Line and Sister“. Also, on the Atlantic coast the Herring Alliance is “a coalition of environmental organizations that formed in May 2007 to protect and restore ocean wildlife and ecosystems in the northeast United States, from Virginia to Maine, by reforming the Atlantic herring fishery. We seek to accomplish this mission through public education, advocacy and support of ecosystem-based fisheries management.”