What lives in the spooky burrows on the beach?

The answer is appropriate for this time of year … those quarter-sized holes are the home the ghost crabs or fiddler crabs. Ghost crabs emerge to scavenger upon anything they can get including crabs or clams, bugs or insects, plants or dead stuff (detritus). The burrows are personal territories (i.e., not colonies like on Meerkat Manor). If one male tries to challenge another for his home what occurs is an interesting ritualistic “dance.” There is rarely actual contact and the better “dancer” wins. If you’re tanning on a beach blanket and hear tapping or bubbling noises under the sand, that’s the ghost crab either using their claws for digging or sounds from their gills as they breath. The burrows can be up to three feet deep.


F1.mediumTop – Ghost crab burrow image (c) aquaessence.com, bottom – fiddler crab burrow image (c) jeb.biologists.org

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