Do lobsters mate for life?

The male lobster is apparently quite the Casanova. Studies have shown that female lobsters tend to patiently wait in line outside of a male lobster’s den waiting for their turn to mate. One could say lobsters are apparently the ocean’s version of a rock star.

The males really do have all the right moves – for the brief time they do spend together, it is actually rather romantic…

Here is the scenario:

You see all lobsters have to molt (release their shells and grow a new one to be comfortable). Females can only mate right after molting. So, when she is ready to get comfortable in her new shell, the female releases a pheromone (a scent saying she is ready to get comfortable) into the male’s den.

The male then comes outside and the two of them have a boxing match with their claws. The female lets him win and places her claws on his head. Then they move into the den and – in a few hours or a few days – she molts. Then it is time to mate. After that she hangs out until her new shell is strong enough to protect herself – at which point she is ready to go and never looks back.

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