Do sharks have bones?

No sharks do not have bones.

Sharks do have skeletons, but they’re made of cartilage rather than bone. Cartilage is the flexible stuff in the tip of your nose. A cartilage skeleton has its advantages. It’s light, flexible, and it heals faster than bone. In some spots though, sharks need a little extra strength. Their skulls, jaws, and spine are fortified with calcium salts, making them much thicker and stronger. Can you think of why a shark would need strong jaws, skulls, and spines?

by Jim Wharton
Vice President, Education Division, Director, Center for School and Public Programs, Mote Marine Laboratory

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  1. This settles a recent argument – discussion? – anyway, difference of opinion about shark spines and their ability to snap back their heads to their tails. Ha! I win! I wish I’d had this ammo at the time… RH

  2. oh men serious its weak weak weak


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