Oh, Bermuda Triangle, where art thou?


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  1. is it possible that the spirits of the ancestors of Africans are trying to retaliate the bad ways,some whites treated them during the slave trade.After all when they were carrying them across the sea,some fell into the seas,as a matter of fact most of them were sick and died cause for fear of infection of diseases they were thrown into the river.

  2. i can solve the mystery

  3. I think it must have been a black hole or something

  4. i think this is the point where gravitational force is maximum.

  5. tripp out

  6. syed agha ali says:

    i think as we muslims believe is correct
    the capitol of the last divine link IMAM MEHDI(a.s)

  7. the things happening is so different. i will try and find the scerete of bermuda triangle. its my one of the aim

  8. Mystery has been solved. There is an active Valcano under the sea.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought the bermuda triangle was located off Ponce Inlet FL. and New Symerna Beach Fl Why does it say otherwise. It has a picture showing Miama and it sould have a Picture starting with Daytona Beach FL or Ponce Inlet FL.

  10. angelo how can u solve the mystery??????

  11. Sayed Agha Ali..You terribly mistaken! there is NO such a thing in Islam..Imam Mehdi is going to be recognised in Makkah. Islam might have NO link whatsoever to the Bermuda Triangle!

  12. i think that its a kind of ocean flood nothing to worry about.

  13. i think there is something magnetic power in that region thats why these all are happening.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I actually thought the Bermuda triangle was more mysterious than what i just read but its not. if there are ships passing through it every day it must be like any other part of the ocean. But if there is something more to it then who ever wants to solve the mystery must have an interview with the Creator Himself He Knows what is going on there.

  15. We need spiritual intervention to solve the problem .

  16. there is some natural power which attracts everythingcomes close to him.

  17. Dennis Kaiser says:

    I sailed singlehanded in a 10 meter yacht from San Juan, Puerto Rico, from 22 January 2007 thru the Bermuda triangle and survived. It aint a threat like everybody thinks!

  18. its kida scary. somthing to do with neuclear physics!!!

  19. Its a beauty by nature

  20. Hey, prince what do you mean by him?

  21. send me document bermuda

  22. Hey im a muslim…
    not really too religious tho :$
    but this is my theory
    in the quraan it says jaal is still on earth in a cave
    this only fits in so well that god put jaal in one of these islands and put a boundry so no man could reach the jaal

  23. Naveed Khan says:

    Hey all.
    God knows better who is there, what is that eg Gravitational Force ? ? ?

  24. i think there must be something like a gravitational force which is pulling the ships,air crafts etc.so research is to be done on that place

  25. I love this information

  26. there r some creations of allah which d technology could not login still now..!!!!

  27. i believe it is the place where gravitation force is maximum . eventhough we cant believe the missings of so many metres big and heavy tonnes planes and ships r missing. there must be a black hole. is there a relation between this triangle and2012. what do u say . both r misterious and should be known. get me some documents about it. what about the history in past says about it.

  28. Master Mafita says:

    hi ! i’v done intesive research on the whole phenomena and i have come to a conlusion that completely dematerialises any unscientific perception of the phenomena.
    1.)The Bermuda triangle is one of the only 2 places on earth that the magnetic compass points to the true north!
    2.)Most incidents have been logically explained!
    3.)ships & planes go through every day,it has all been blown out of reasonable proportions!
    conclusion: it is amere case of earth’s natural magnetism interfering with the ships’ &planes’ normal operating patterns!
    Francis,Ardhi University,Tanzania.

  29. i want to know aboyt bermuda triangle briefly

  30. ok, well since most of the mysterious disapearances are aircraft- it is either stronger gravitational pull- or a magnetic field, which would affect compasses. since magnetivity doesnt affect ships as much as an airplane- whereas if u lose the bearing of your plane’s altitude, wing degree, or direction, your fate is close to sealed. with ships- you can always look at the sun or stars for a direction, and you would know if the ship is upside down. a stronger gravitational pull would; also effect planes much more than ships. there are many different theories about this, but these are the scientific facts.


  32. FAIZAN HAFIZ says:

    hey! i m a muslims.
    According to me in bermuda something natural powers exist which ALMIGHTY ALLAH don’t wanna show us now it can be related from judgment day (the end of the earht) or it can be related from DAJJAL that he live there. that’s ALL…

  33. Iwalola ajibola says:

    God is great,he kept somethings as secret to we human,that even the greatest scientific inventions can’t unravel. If he should make everything straight forward and clear… how are we going to understand that he is the lord of the universe. Please i’ll like to appeal to all those muslim brothers to speak there mind and stop using religion as reference to what they ain’t sure about.Happy boxing day fellas

  34. it is nothing to do with gravity being at its strongest point because as physics has proved gravity is always constant.
    i personally think it will be something to do with electrical storms and bad weather.