Test your knowledge: Social science of the ocean

Here are some more sample questions from the Consortium for Ocean Leadership‘s popular National Ocean Science Bowl. These questions come from the Social Science section.

Good luck!

1.) How often have men descended to the Challenger Deep? a) Once b) Twice c) Three times d) Never

Map showing the location of the Mariana Trench...

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(The Challenger Deep is 36,000 feet deep along the Mariana Trench.)

2.) In 1933, the US tanker Ramapo encountered the highest wind wave ever measured reliably. How tall was this wave? a) 12 meters b) 34 meters c) 42 meters d) 54 meters

3.) Which of the following is NOT an example of human-made structure designed to stabilize the shoreline? a) Breakwater b) Jetty c) Tibia d) Pier

Answers can be found here.

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