How to win a game of Survivor if stranded on a beach

DewberriesWhile I am not here to tell you how to form alliances, I can mention some edible seaside plants found along the Atlantic coast. These include: Sea rocket, sea lettuce, prickly pear, bull thistle, dewberry and winged sumac. You can eat the blackberries of the dewberry with milk and honey. For a refreshingly cool drink soak winged sumac in cool water for 15 minutes. Devour the sweet pulp of the prickly pear after you peel away the skin. Add the leaves of sea rocket and sea lettuce to a fresh seaside salad. Lastly, gorge on the stems of the bull thistle (of course, only after you’ve removed the thorns!).

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  1. Terri Kirby Hathaway says:

    Interesting coincidence — I’m working on a short article on coastal wild edibles, focusing on mole crabs, coquina clams, sea lettuce, beach beans, glasswort, and cattails!

    The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island used to coordinate and host the Marsh and Sea Fest every October. This event focused on wild edibles here on the Outer Banks.

    Different groups foraged for different food items: crabs, oysters, fishes, mollusks, beach/marsh plants (sea rocket, glasswort, beach beans, etc.), freshwater marsh plants (cattails, cranberries, duck potatoes, etc.), and terrestrial plants (dog fennel, wild grapes, mushrooms, etc.). It was an amazing educational program attended by many over the years. Last one was in 1996.

    Thanks for mentioning coastal wild edibles!

  2. Hi Terri –
    Thanks so much for sharing. When the article is complete please let us know so we can add it to the additional resources. We sure do hope you were not affected by the wildfires this past weekend. Stay safe! BCS

  3. Terri Kirby Hathaway says:

    Thanks, will do! Smoke from the wildfires was all over the Outer Banks this weekend, with the southwest winds. Although the fire is 80% contained, according to the USFWS, the smoke is still bad in southern Dare County, including Roanoke Island. Having to keep windows closed in downtown Manteo today (Monday).

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