How have horseshoe crabs been able to remain unchanged for centuries?

In case you have not had the opportunity to get your hands on the new book, Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms, about animals that have remained unchanged through time (Richard Fortey) here is a video from the BBC  on how the horseshoe crab has been able to survive through the ages.

I am particularly fond of this clip because the horseshoe crab expert notes that the horseshoe crab, while an opportunistic and a generalist, is not an aggressive animal.

Please feel free to comment if you’re one of the few that has eaten horseshoe crab eggs.


  1. Stas Wnukowski says:

    The Horseshoe Crab Fuel Stop
    stas wnukowski

    The drive of life
    Pushes them on
    Across the ocean floor
    They roam
    That soon
    They must leave,
    Climb beyond their wet home
    Into the heat
    The liquidless environment

    Scattered along the shoreline
    Squawking birds sense
    The tank-like structures
    Slowly marching
    To the cadence of survival
    Depositing in their tracks
    Countless caviar
    For the bird’s to feast
    And their species’ survival.

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