How to track a horseshoe crab

Today I am excited to bring a new video produced by Coastal Kingdom TV, a television series dedicated to sharing the unique and diverse habitats of the South Carolina lowcountry. Host Tony Mills demonstrates the best way to track horseshoe crabs in the tidal flats of South Carolina and does a superb job enlightening us on some of the animal’s unique characteristics.


  1. If that is a last year’s HC, how long does it take for them to become adult? For that matter (if they survive predators etc) what is their life expectancy? I see how these guys can be fascinating! RH

  2. Hi there! You just made my day in that you’re seeing the divine merits of the laid back horseshoe crab! They take about 8-10 years to become adults and live for about 17-20 years. They molt several times each of their first years growing a quarter of their size each time until they’re full grown.

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