Superlatives of the sea

This past Friday I had a particularly curious and enthusiastic fifth block Oceanography class. All of their questions were marine science related so I broke out some notecards and asked them to write all of their burning inquiries down. I wanted to tackle them thoughtfully … here I am! My students are amazing inspiration and I’m quite grateful to them for some fun reason to get back to writing here.

My most entertaining question was “What’s the most extravagant animal in the ocean?” I mean, there are just so many ways to think on it. I asked on Twitter and got lots of good ideas … Since I spend my days in a high school, I went with some superlative options. These are a few I came up with but I am looking to see what you all might think: Octopus (Most likely to win a Noble Prize in Physics), Frogfish (Most confident), Erect-crested penguin (Coolest hair), Leafy sea dragon (Best dressed), or the Whale shark (Biggest life of the party).

What the most extravagant animal in the sea?

What is the most extravagant animal in the sea?

Please send some other suggestions!




  1. Paul Mages says:

    Most exotic dancer. Spanish dancer
    Most splendiferous synchronized swimmers cuttlefish
    Like yours also.

  2. Ruth Manson says:

    Wish I had more (or any) knowledge of the “extravagant animals” of the deep, so I can’t really contribute anything to the candidate list here. However, I just want to say how much I am enjoying BCS!! I am learning about oceanography in a very relevant way and also the terrible things that we are doing to the environment with our carelessness. Thanks you BCS for your wonderful blog!!!

    • Beach Chair Scientist says:

      Thank you, Ruth! I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. Let me know what you are coming across in England. I would love to learn. Hope you and Stu are having a nice time. Love, BCS 😉

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