5 most dangerous shark species

Since you asked … but, I’d like to preface this list of the 5 most dangerous sharks with this

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excerpt taken from an article in Time by Terry McCarthy.

“In California there is only one shark attack for every 1 million surfing days, according to the Surfrider Foundation. You are 30 times as likely to be killed by lightning. Poorly wired Christmas trees claim more victims than sharks, according to Australian researchers. And dogs — man’s best friends — bite many thousands more people than sharks do.”

Here is a list pulled from the International Shark Attack File. This file (dating from 1580 to 2008) has been compiled by the Ichthyology department of the Florida Museum of Natural History.

  1. White Shark (Commonly known as the “Great White Shark”, but, this is not the correct name since there is no “Lesser Great White Shark”) – 451 attacks
  2. Tiger Shark – 158 attacks
  3. Bull Shark – 179 attacks
  4. Sand Shark – 75 attacks
  5. Black tip Shark – 41 attacks

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