Ringing in the New Year with Carnival of the Blue

Here it is January and we’ve all sang our last rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’. Conversely, what this Beach Chair Scientist has to say is that these marine science bloggers should not be forgotten!

As the host for the Carnival of the Blue No. 44, I proudly bring to you these powerful, poetic, funny, insightful and delightful posts from the last month of 2010. Enjoy!

On December 15, the Wanderin’ Weeta of British Columbia took the time to put together a post about how plastic bags are often a deadly enemy of seabirds. She states that, “Researchers estimate that around 95% of all seabirds have eaten plastic litter.” Please see her post to watch a very eye opening video from YouTube.

The always humorous Mad Kane of New York wrote a light and lovely haiku septet on December 21 about the rare total eclipse during the winter solstice. Enjoy this post and be reminded of the rhythm of the verse!

Also, on December 21 Ben Goldfarb of FishiLeaks shared a post of how Moray eels do the darnedest things! Read his post to learn about the unusual behaviors of these fish.

Next, the NeuroDojo of Texas introduced us to the Dinochelus on December 28. Check out this post for a look at this lobster-like crustacean with an extraordinary claw which we just aren’t sure what it is used for yet.

Last but not least, Miriam of the Deep Sea News rounded out the year on December 29 with a wonderful post on the trials and tribulations of being a compassionate and responsible seafood eater. Read this post if eating sustainable seafood is a part of your New Year’s resolution.

Enjoy and have a wonderful 2011!


  1. Tiny, but meaty post. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful stuff – thanks for starting off my New Year with some wonderful wet words and even some poetry! Looking forward to next months’ Carnival -and more from BCS, of course!

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